Even though Cast Services is known for our digital marketing services for real estate agents and related businesses, we also provide a full range of radio and television advertising for real estate agents. We are a Denver based agency with international experience working closely with real estate firms, independent realtors, and a wide range of real estate related businesses to solve their marketing and advertising challenges.

As a comprehensive marketing strategy, TV/radio ads are an ideal way to capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers, providing a solid source of real estate lead generation. The targeted use of radio and television advertisements that feature highly desirable listings or that drive traffic to a sales page is also an effective way to continue to move your website up the organic search engine results page.

Many of our clients, particularly smaller real estate firms or independent realtors, struggle with how to use radio advertising to generate real estate seller needs. A key part of this is branding and name recognition. Through the use of radio ads, a realtor or a real estate firm becomes a household name, leading to increased trust, awareness, and recognition. This level of recognition means that your name is the first that comes to mind when someone has a residential property to sell in your geographic location.

The Strategy Cast Services Uses to Create Real Estate Radio Ads That Convert Like Crazy

Every real estate agent and firm has a different marketing approach. Cast Services works closely with each client to create a customized approach to creating radio ads that have a lasting impact on your target audience.

These radio ads capture the attention of home buyers and home sellers in your area. Our advanced digital marketing for realtors uses data-based research and analytics to understand what works, and what turns interested potential customers in your area into clients for purchasing or selling a home.
Radio ads are only a part of the services our real estate digital marketing agency provides for our customers. We get to know the challenges you are experiencing in reaching your target audience, and then we create effective, measured, and proven strategies to help successful firms and agents become top sellers in their area.

There are two common questions we hear at Cast Services. Reviewing the answers will help you understand why we recommend radio ads as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Is advertising on the radio effective?

Yes, advertising on the radio is a strategic way to keep your name in front of your target audience. Catchy, engaging, and memorable radio ads ensure potential home buyers and sellers think of your real estate firm or personal realtor reputation for their next home purchase or sale.

How do you get a catchy radio ad for real estate?

Consistent use of branding messages across all radio ads combined with music, a catch phrase, or a combination of the two makes a radio ad stand out. Adding descriptive language that paints a picture of a home for sale, or that provides information on the benefits to sellers, is also essential to make the radio ad relevant and interesting.