A key factor in the real estate industry, or in any sales and service industry, is to continue to attract a constant stream of qualified leads at the lowest possible cost per lead. At Cast Services , we follow this concept, providing a range of services for our customers that maximize their ROI on traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

Our real estate digital marketing services include website design, lead generation, and creating automation to keep in touch with your target audience.

Sometimes people wonder why you should do radio advertising for your real estate business. It is not uncommon for our clients to assume we would only recommend digital marketing, including website development, social media marketing, and other forms of online access to customers.

However, as real estate radio advertising experts, the professionals at our Denver based agency understand the power radio holds. It delivers your message to a captive audience, especially during busy commute times in small and large urban areas around the country. As drivers tune into local radio channels to catch up on the news, traffic, and the day’s events, they also hear your real estate radio advertising message. The more frequently they drive or listen to the radio at home or at work, the more often they hear your name, your message, and your catchy radio promo.

Just having a radio ad for a real estate company or realtor is not enough. It needs to be professionally designed and produced. The ad needs to include critical elements to attract the attention of home sellers and home buyers. With our specialization in radio commercial ad production for real estate firms and agents, we can create ads that lead to conversions.

Radio Ads to Fuel Your Real Estate Business

The importance of radio ads to fuel your real estate business cannot be overstated. This is a crucial part of creating your brand and keeping it in the minds of home buyers and sellers in your area. This results in effective real estate lead generation, with buyers and sellers actively seeking out real estate agents and companies they recognize by name and reputation.

The founder of using radio and TV ads to boost real estate sales is Matt Wagner. He proved that radio ads, used in conjunction with branding and digital marketing, are the most effective way to become a leading real estate company in any market.

Cast Services provides real estate digital marketing services for realtors using various strategies, including quality radio ads. We customize our approach to digital marketing for realtors in order to tap into the target audience for your local area.

Design the Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan with Cast Services

Personalized, tailored, and customized, the digital marketing plan we develop is unique to each customer. Our team of experienced professionals gets to know your business, your market, and your traditional and digital marketing needs.

To get started, drop us a note and let us know the marketing challenges you need us to solve.