Scientific Analysis & Exploration

We partner with top PhDs to help our clients develop cutting-edge practices, ideas and methodologies to help improve their businesses. We are pushing harder than any other partner out there.

The real estate space is rife with aged ineffective strategies, bad data and simply a lack of actionable research. One of the most consistently referenced lead follow-up studies is now over 15-years old and performed economy wide—and not just in real estate. We said enough is enough, and stood up our own academic research and white paper department. We work with multiple Universities and PhDs to identify, research and publish value-driven content for the individual real estate agent, team leader and broker. We conduct research based on client and partner demand and have been able to demystify and prove new methodologies, strategies and tactics.

“SEO for Agents in a Hurry,” “Lead Follow Up for 2020 and Beyond” and “Turning Your Reviews Into Revenue” are just a few of the topics we have tackled. We have the ability to extract your pain points and perform doctoral level research on them, to give you solid answers and solutions backed by data. We are currently researching issues of seasonality, the impact of iBuyers entering markets, and outsourcing initial lead follow-up—among others. CAST Services aims to break down barriers in the market and equip agents with tools and intelligence they deserve and need to succeed.
Too often, strategies and marketing “advice” are given, with zero data or research to back up claims. We recognize this, and are actively involved in doctoral level market research to back up what we say. This also gives us a looking glass into market shifts and trends that the other guys don’t have. Contact us today to learn more.

“CAST Services has a deep understanding of the real estate market, and the technical know-how to take your business to the next level. We recommend CAST to any agent or business leader who needs to differentiate themselves from the noise with innovative, custom programs and strategies.”

Brendan Bartic

If you’re interested in a particular topic or would like to partner in research to gain national publicity, we would love to hear from you!